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DVD: Open Mind Combat® Kali-Arnis-Eskrima Phase 3

Item num.: D820_OMCKAEP3 by Fight Academy Christian Braun
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  • Description
  • This video features the audit program of the Open Mind Combat® System’s phase 3 in the field of kali-arnis-escrima. This isn’t a new style but rather an introduction to the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). This program adresses all people that want to have a closer look at the martial arts (kali, arnis or escrima. The techniques being shown in this tutorial video include: double stick (sinawali), single stick against single stick, knife against knife and unarmed techniques again unarmed and armed attacks.
    In additon to that, lock down techniques are being taught.


    Video-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D1prHbhCWY



    SD-resolution 720 x 576 pixel, format 16:9
    Length: 74 minutes
    Language: german