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DVD: Self-defence against attacks without contact - Advanced "The dirty douzen"

Item num.: D522_SVGAOKADD by Fight Academy Christian Braun
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  • Description
  • In this video Head Instructor Christian Braun gives an introduction to his Open Mind Combat®-Street Safe® System. The focus lies on the  "Dirty Douzen". After transitioning from the kick into the box and grappling distance the defender attacks twelve vital points using twelve techniques.
    This is extended by the attacker's reactions which are being dealt with by trapping techniques (including foot trapping). The exercise drill Hubud teaches the transition into close combat. Different variations of the Hubud drill are being shown here. The execution gets interrupted to apply various locking techniques, returning to the drill afterwards. Other shown techniques include chain locking, throws as well as ways to get the attacker on his back.
    The combinations being shown in this video can also be used in other martial arts like Ju-Jutsu, Jiu-Jitsu or Krav Maga.

    This video is part of the video series "Advanced". It is recommended to obtain the necessary basics by watching these videos:
    • Self-defence against attacks without contact
    • Self-defence against attacks without contact - Advanced - Trapping
    • Energy Drills - Basics / Advanced
    • Self-defence with locking techniques - Basics / Advanced


    Video-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc9aVJ388Dk



    SD-resolution 720 x 576 pixel, format 16:9
    Length: 62 minutes
    Language: german