Jiu-Jitsu Training (PDF)

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    In order to be able to train effectively in Jiu-Jitsu, this book has been constructed to cover the basic positions, techniques and combinations required. Jiu-Jitsu Training moves on from the author's first book, Jiu-Jitsu – The Basics, and is directed at every Jiu-Jitsuka who has learned the basics and wants to improve. In more than a thousand illustrative photographs, the techniques are explained step by step.

    In addition to this, the reader will find an introduction to self-defense in groundwork. Themes about self-defense against attacks with weapons (stick and knife) and against attacks using firearms at close range are also included, as well as lessons concerning locking, throwing, striking and kicking techniques. This book will not only allow every Jiu-Jitsuka to consequently prepare him/herself effectively for a grading test, it will also provide the trainer with a comprehensive reference book.

    Product Information:
    264 pages
    Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
    2nd Edition 2007

    Available formats: PDF

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