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Self-defence against attacks with contact - Basics

Item num.: 510_SVGKAB by Fight Academy Christian Braun
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  • Out on the streets there is a simple rule: the easier, the better. Self-defence expert Christian Braun explains effective methods to defend oneself against dangerous attacks with contact like chokes, control techniques against arms and hands, clinch, headlock. He does not only teach very easy and effective defensive techniques and combinations but also techniques which only focus on freeing oneself or controlling the offender - depending on how tough the defense is supposed to be. The effectiveness of the Open Mind Combat® - System relies on one only having to know a few techniques to defend a wide variety of attacks with contact.


    Video-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqNLgjahwxw



    SD-resolution 720 x 576 pixel, format 4:3
    Chapter bookmarks for a fast search of the exercises
    Length: 62 minutes
    File size: 1,38 GB
    Language: german

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