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Self-defence against knife attacks - dagger position - Basics

Item num.: 140_SVGMADB by Fight Academy Christian Braun
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  • Description
  • Knife assaults are rated among the most dangerous attacks. Therefore, defefensive techniques don’t only apply to martial artists of various disciplines. Each person looking for an effective solution to defend themselves against these kind of attacks finds a detailed step by step instruction in this DVD.
    The presented angles of attack 1 to 15 are based on the angles of the Open Mind Combat® System. The DVD involves the basic concepts of knife defence, like footwork, parry-, blocking- and disrupting techniques, controlling the weapon-bearing arm, disarming techniques and the use of the weapon after a successful disarming. Finally, drills to improve coordination and reflexes round up the picture of your training.


    Video-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bruekFfBN0



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    Chapter bookmarks for a fast search of the exercises
    Length: 60 minutes
    File size: 2,16 GB
    Language: german

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