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Self-defence for women - Basics

Item num.: 540_SVFFB by Fight Academy Christian Braun
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  • Which woman or girl can’t relato to this: Being alone in an unknown environment when you suddenly hear steps approaching you. A noise in the apartment makes you wake up at night. You’re standing in the elevator and a dangerous looking man gets in. A friend visits you and becomes pushy. Many women and girls have experienced a situation like this and know how uneasy you feel in your own skin. How do you react in situations like these? Is it better to defend yourself or keep still. What are the offender’s methods? What can you do? What are you allowed to do? Are there reliable ways to defend yourself against a stronger offender? Are there statistics about attacks on women? All these topics and a whole concept against attacks with contact as well as the defence against stroke attacks are presented in detail in this self-study like tutorial video.


    Video-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3jbBoSq-D0



    SD-resolution 720 x 576 pixel, format 4:3
    Chapter bookmarks for a fast search of the exercises
    Length: 76 minutes
    File size: 1,69 GB
    Language: german

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